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Taiwan is an intriguing destination, at once essentially Chinese yet also strikingly unique
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Taipei is a lively city which has all that you would expect of a Capital City including some great hotels and lively night markets. Learn of the turbulent history of the mid 20th Century by visiting Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. A must see is the National Palace Museum with many artefacts that were removed from the Forbidden Palace in Beijing when Chiang Kai-Shek fled from Beijing on the formation of the People's Republic of China and the formation of the contentious ‘state’ of Taiwan. Visit Tower 101, currently the tallest building in the world and its modern shopping plaza.

Sun Moon Lake – National Scenic Area  This magnificent area is situated in the middle of the island with an abundance of tropical forests. Many interesting walks can be taken in this area or cruise the peaceful Lake. Visit Chung-Tai Monastery, a monument to the financial power of the Buddhist supporters world-wide who contributed to the building of this 150 metre high monastery that was opened in 2001.

Northern coast  Close to Taipei, a day trip takes you to the Tiaoshih coast with some spectacular coastal scenery particularly the Yeliou coastal area. Visit Jinguashih, an old mining town with much of its old ways preserved, and also the quaint streets of neighbouring Jiufen.

Taroko National Park Gorges  You could spend a week walking around the magnificent marble gorges or simply drive through the roads that were cut through the centre of Taiwan to allow traffic to pass from the eastern side of the island to the western side. Swallow Grottos and the Tunnel of Nine Turns are the main features of this area.

Hehuan Mountain (weather permitting) This can be a difficult journey and one that should only be planned in the summer months March – October. Chingjing Farm is a large sheep farm situated in the most stunning of scenery.


15 days tour to Taipei, Taroko Gorge, Taitung, Kenting, Fokuangshan, Alishan National Park, Sun Moon Lake and Taipei from £2895.

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Taipei tours and China tours pictures

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